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by motor1
Sun 03 Sep 2017, 11:46
Forum: Interesting Links
Topic: Perana Ranger and Mustang
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Re: Perana Ranger and Mustang

Weirdly enough, was talking to my cousin on Friday, saying that SA manufacturers had lost their balls, with no more special editions exclusive to SA e.g. 333i, XR8, Peranas, Superboss etc. etc. etc. And not more than four hours later, I see this. Fantastic value compared to Shelby I think, not sure ...
by motor1
Sun 06 Aug 2017, 22:40
Forum: Ford
Topic: Mk3 Ford Escort TF
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Re: Mk3 Ford Escort TF

Interesting, thank you.

I thought all TF Escorts had the 14" rims with white wheel covers ala Sierra XR6, or was that only the XR3i? Also was the sunroof standard? As the first pic shows no sunroof.
by motor1
Sun 06 Aug 2017, 22:34
Forum: Technical
Topic: Ford Sapphire V8 Build
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Re: Ford Sapphire V8 Build

Hi, not sure what area you are in? If in Cape Town, maybe try to speak to the guys at Novel Ford in Paarl, they did a few conversions. I think Grosvenor Ford in Durbs also did a few, as well as Lupini if I am not mistaken. I don't see him on here often, but Alvin Chetty has extensive knowledge of V8...
by motor1
Fri 30 Dec 2016, 21:12
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Factory Five 818
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Re: Factory Five 818

That looks awesome. Any figures?
by motor1
Tue 27 Dec 2016, 18:58
Forum: Cars and Parts on Other Sites
Topic: 72 Cortina Perana
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Re: 72 Cortina Perana

Not a fan of the pipes, or the colour to be honest. But yeah, I'd still bang that lol.
by motor1
Tue 27 Dec 2016, 18:57
Forum: Restoration
Topic: ford capri v8 in sweden
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Re: ford capri v8 in sweden

REALY no one want to help me ?? there is more than one in here who has painted a car in perana´s orange none off you want to help me with the color code??? Hey buddy, relax. Most guys are on holiday now, ask again mid January when the guys are mostly back again. This is one of the most helpful foru...
by motor1
Tue 27 Dec 2016, 18:49
Forum: General/Lounge
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I hope everyone had a safe and blessed Christmas, and I wish you all a blessed New Year
by motor1
Tue 06 Dec 2016, 21:44
Forum: Cars and Parts on Other Sites
Topic: Escort Cosworth for sale
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Re: Escort Cosworth for sale

Also thought the price was very reasonable. Most of the modern crop of GTi and X35i drivers won't know what this is, besides an old Ford lol
by motor1
Mon 05 Dec 2016, 21:17
Forum: Cars and Parts on Other Sites
Topic: Escort Cosworth for sale
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Escort Cosworth for sale

A friend posted this, specs quoted are hopelessly wrong but the car looks original. Anybody know this car? ... 28f6a523c2
by motor1
Thu 27 Oct 2016, 19:24
Forum: Post your ride
Topic: 1973 Granada/Consul Coupe v6
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Re: 1973 Granada/Consul Coupe v6

This is looking good, that colour is spot on