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by Hubcap
Fri 17 Apr 2009, 08:26
Forum: Restoration
Topic: Rmmmmmm, Kring,Kring,Kring equals Two stroke!
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Re: Rmmmmmm, Kring,Kring,Kring equals Two stroke!

The DKW F94 4-door was made from 1956 to 1962 - early ones were the 3=6 with 900cc engine, later from around 1958/9 had the 1000 motor. Bodies were the same - except for some trim changes and the 3=6 ones had ribs on the boot lid - they are getting scarce but still quite a lot running around. They a...
by Hubcap
Wed 18 Mar 2009, 08:14
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: strange but true
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Re: strange but true

The older Mercedes 123 series (maybe others as well) automatics have a similar setup. I have a 1982 230TE (station wagon). Normal pull off it is a slug, but if you put it in "1" and floor it it is quite a different experience - certainly not hair raising !! Slug on steroids.
by Hubcap
Wed 03 Dec 2008, 12:43
Forum: Parts for sale
Topic: Louvres and bubbles
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Re: Louvres and bubbles

These items are brand new, just dusty from the shelf. They all tend to use the same brackets, so I will make sure that there are brackets on a first come first serve basis. Unfortunately when a louvre is packed it takes up a lot of volume and postage works on a combo of weight and volume.Although ve...
by Hubcap
Tue 02 Dec 2008, 09:35
Forum: Parts for sale
Topic: Louvres and bubbles
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Louvres and bubbles

I have a stack of new old stock rear window louvres (mostly Perana but some unmarked) and door window perspex bubble sets. They are all for older models - 70's and 80's. Quite a few earlier Ford ones should be of interest. Some may not have all their brackets. Price R150 a louvre or set of bubbles -...
by Hubcap
Thu 06 Nov 2008, 09:15
Forum: Cars wanted
Topic: 1957 Chevy 6 wanted by cash buyer. (Urgent)
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Re: 1957 Chevy 6 wanted by cash buyer. (Urgent)

In the latest Autotrader

1957 Chevrolet 210 2-Door Very good running condition. R120 000.
Tel: 084 952-9477
Price: R 120 000
by Hubcap
Fri 24 Oct 2008, 09:28
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Hidden treasures
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Hidden treasures

Have a look at this on the Car web site - amazing Dodge collection gathering dust. Maybe someone can persuade the owners to get these back into circulation. ... 2;t=054410
by Hubcap
Wed 20 Aug 2008, 08:42
Forum: Restoration
Topic: 1949 Hillman
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Re: 1949 Hillman

Hi Checked through my old catalogs and stock and came up with the following: Std bore on this is 63mm. Con rod big ends - std size 41.262mm on crank and 43.942 housing Mains - std size 44.437mm on crank and 48.146mm housing I have mains available in 40 and 60 thou, and big ends in 10 and 20 thou. Sh...
by Hubcap
Mon 02 Jun 2008, 15:41
Forum: Quiz
Topic: KR's Quiz 5
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Re: KR's Quiz 5

The DKW F12 went to Germany a few years before he died and the DKW 3=6 was sold locally, also before his death. Don't know about the rest.