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by damagecontrol
Fri 05 Jul 2013, 19:52
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Brand bashing.
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Re: Brand bashing.

by damagecontrol
Fri 05 Jul 2013, 19:31
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: 'Sketchy'...
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Re: 'Sketchy'...

This is the best one you have done so far!!

Well done!
by damagecontrol
Thu 06 Jun 2013, 21:08
Forum: Restoration
Topic: '80 T-Top Fox
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Re: '80 T-Top Fox

This I got to see.

That fox is gonna move like hell.

Keep us updated.
by damagecontrol
Thu 06 Jun 2013, 19:24
Forum: Restoration
Topic: 78 Beetle
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Re: 78 Beetle

49Shoebox, you deserve a beating!!

Alvin, well done man, she's a beauty....indeed!
by damagecontrol
Wed 05 Jun 2013, 19:23
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Have fun..complete the caption.
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Re: Have fun..complete the caption.

What did we take?
by damagecontrol
Tue 04 Jun 2013, 20:28
Forum: Technical
Topic: Brakes dragging.
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Re: Brakes dragging.

Ters, I had the same problem on my Escort.

The flex hoses get old and then they bulge or bubble.

You cannot see it with the naked eye and it only did this when hot.

My pistons also got stuck in the barrels, because of rust.
by damagecontrol
Sun 02 Jun 2013, 20:24
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Wish me luck, guys. :(
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Re: Wish me luck, guys. :(

Hey Bearhawke, I sat without work for a year and had to work for myself.

Pulled through and got to the other side.

There's always a other side.

by damagecontrol
Mon 27 May 2013, 20:15
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Rare find Meccano
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Re: Rare find Meccano

It's a beautiful piece.
by damagecontrol
Thu 16 May 2013, 19:57
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Slot cars
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Re: Slot cars

Bloody nice cars there, well done. Nice display too..
by damagecontrol
Wed 08 May 2013, 20:49
Forum: Post your ride
Topic: TheQs ElCamino
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Re: TheQs ElCamino

Neil....check the ATF, if it was running before it stood for a while then the ATF must be leaking somewhere.

Check for a leak on the floor or driveway.

Don't know much about auto boxes.