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by WCC
Wed 11 Jul 2018, 22:26
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Topic: Video time!
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Re: Video time!

by WCC
Sat 07 Jul 2018, 11:18
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Topic: Thoughts on this Mustang
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Re: Thoughts on this Mustang

I understand why people are doing RHD conversions but I still feel sad that we have to ‘butcher’ originals this way to comply with regulations that makes no sense and just adds to the cost of getting these lovely classics on the road. Re CR, I’ve received some very good advice on this forum. They se...
by WCC
Wed 27 Jun 2018, 21:58
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Topic: Mustangs
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Re: Mustangs

Perhaps have a look at Creative Rides and some of the prices they have achieved. I would discount the commission and another 10-20% for the markup. Personally, I would think a converted RHD car would discount from a collectibility point of view. Of course, as a driver it may be more preferable. But,...
by WCC
Sat 02 Jun 2018, 10:26
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Topic: Fish Storage
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Re: Fish Storage

I’ve stopped storing fish in my muscle cars. I find it distracts from my driving and enjoyment. :lol:
by WCC
Mon 07 May 2018, 13:17
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Topic: 57 Chevy Task force Truck
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Re: 57 Chevy Task force Truck

Sooooo frustrating! Needed a few bits and bobs, ordered quick from LMC truck, you get to end of website and have to pay, there are no shipping options. Then get told you pay and in 48 hours they contact you to ship. Did that and now Red tape. They want a photo ID with your address on to prove it’s ...
by WCC
Wed 18 Apr 2018, 21:05
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Topic: Spectacular vintage Cape Town
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Re: Spectacular vintage Cape Town

That’s just awesome. Thanks for posting.
by WCC
Mon 16 Apr 2018, 20:13
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Topic: 1971 Mach 1 Ford Mustang
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Re: 1971 Mach 1 Ford Mustang So I took a flight up to JHB to go have a look at the 71 Mustang standing at Willem (above link). Found the usual on such old cars, t...
by WCC
Wed 11 Apr 2018, 20:40
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Topic: T's Classic Clinic.
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Re: T's Classic Clinic.

Great news and wishing you all the best.
by WCC
Fri 23 Mar 2018, 21:40
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Topic: Split.
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Re: Split.

Well spotted Ters! :twisted: Agree, if I had money, I would of taken it, but I can't let a beauty like that rot away cause I can't have it for myself.[emoji6] So give it to someone that can restore it to its former glory. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk Nick, are you charging a fee for the inf...
by WCC
Fri 02 Mar 2018, 20:02
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Topic: Gentlemen, is this true?
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Re: Gentlemen, is this true?

Jason, the problem with the mainstream media is that they need to sell news and nothing sells like sensationalism. There are a lot of assumptions in that story and opinion, which the reader should be careful of. Here’s a post from another site which I think brings a sense of rationality to the fore....