75 Ford Fairlane

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IT Guy
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Re: 75 Ford Fairlane

Post by IT Guy » Sun 28 Jul 2013, 12:55

My pc decided to pack up and being in IT, my pc is the last on the list to be fixed... 8O

I actually did go to have a look at the 75 fairlane and was happy with it. I decided to get my Beasty and so far I am happy with the purchase.

The engine is running good and I have been doing some work on the car like replacing wheel bearings and a small service. I replaced the tappet cover gaskets that was the cause of the oil leak and the oil leak is sorted.

I am now concentrating on the running gear. The car is a little loose on the road and all the rubbers are quite tired underneath the car. I hear that I might struggle to get these but I will start to look for these this week. I wanted so badly to work on the car this week end but I am a bit under the weather due to a stomach bug or something I ate. :x

Thank you again for all the advice. I will try to stay in contact more now that my pc is sorted again. Quite busy at work, a hectic course and off course my new love.... My beasty. :D
You only "liver" once!

Henk "The IT Guy"

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Re: 75 Ford Fairlane

Post by ters » Sun 28 Jul 2013, 14:05

Welcome back IT! I thought you bought a "Ricer" and was ashamed to post again.... :lol: :lol:

Regarding the bushes on your Fairlane, I posted a link to a company in Pretoria where I bought
some bushes for my Firenza. The one's they did not have was cast for me. I actually asked them
about bushes etc. for earlier vehicles. As long as they have a sample, they will be able to either
replace or recondition existing items (tie rods, ball joints) . http://sydsuspensionparts.co.za/
They are very helpful, and will go the extra mile to get you sorted!

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IT Guy
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Re: 75 Ford Fairlane

Post by IT Guy » Sun 28 Jul 2013, 16:37

I was actually thinking you guys might think that. :lol:

Thank you for the tip. Will contact them for sure. The course I am busy with is in PTA till December, so that will help a lot.

I am so glad I joined this forum! You guys rock!

You only "liver" once!

Henk "The IT Guy"

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Re: 75 Ford Fairlane

Post by 72XYGT » Sun 28 Jul 2013, 16:58

Welcome back IT.
Glad to hear you got the Fairlane.
Post some pics when you have time.

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Re: 75 Ford Fairlane

Post by damagecontrol » Sun 28 Jul 2013, 17:09

Well, this sounds like a good story with a happy ending and beginning of another muscle maniac.

Well done on the purchase of this fairlane.

Hope you enjoy fixing her up and post lots of photos.
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