Wanted - Capri Perana

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Wanted - Capri Perana

Post by DavidG » Mon 25 Oct 2021, 11:16

Like the title says im after a capri perana, any condition really as you cant be too picky when it comes to these cars..
The only things I am fussy about are the things that identify it as a real Basil Green car due to the fact that there are more fakes and replicas out there than real ones..

For me the original block and the two data plates (in the engine bay and under the seat) are a must have.
Thats it really I don't want to limit my options so i'm open to anything that available..but my preferences lean towards a manual vs an auto and a project/used original vs a restored one.

If you know of one that might be for sale or have any info/advice that might help me in my search please let me know.

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