Power Steering Rack Granada Mk1

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Power Steering Rack Granada Mk1

Post by -cK- » Fri 02 Aug 2019, 16:26

Hi Guys
Hope someone can point me in a direction of one of these or someone that have a seal kit for these or an alternative suggestion.
The one I have leaked like crazy so took it to a local Hydraulic shop who tried to source the seals for me but struck out. Now I'm left with a rack that is totally bust as they had to remove one of the seal to send it away as a sample but it meant breaking it to get it off so yea :roll: .
Short from fitting a manual rack (which it seams I can still get from Autozone or the likes) I would really like to fix or replace the power steering rack instead. Been looking through ebay uk but not finding anything plus sourcing overseas is a bit of a hassle until I can get an import license sorted for customs :x .
Any help or suggestions welcome.
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