6th Annual East Rand Motor Show - 2 June 2019

A place to give details for upcoming events and some nice pictures afterwards.
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6th Annual East Rand Motor Show - 2 June 2019

Post by Insomnia » Fri 12 Apr 2019, 17:43

Welcome to the 6th Annual East Rand Motor Show.

Before we go over some past issues.... we would like to thank all those of you who attended this event in the past. We as well as the charities involved are extremely grateful. Thank you for making this one of the biggest motoring events in Gauteng.

Regarding the issues, the biggest one by far is entrance and the second biggest issue was the parking. PROBLEMS SOLVED!

4 x Queue's - We know some people gave up due to either not finding parking or the turnout was just simply amazing. Nobody expected it to be so crowded as well as our personel were forced to go to the toilet areas as well as the main exhibitor section to help with the sorting out of exhibitors due to a event staff company who dropped us.

EXTRA PARKING at school with a free shuttle service (if parking at the school). You can walk if you like. There will be security at the school as well as the fields around the venue.

FEATURES (More features will be added in later)

Classic Cars, Supercars, Modified Cars, Classic Bikes
Car Clubs, Biker Clubs, Crews, Battle of the Crews Competition
Car Judging Contest, Sound-off competition
Miss Hot Rod SA beauty pageant
Radio Personalities, Singers, Surprise DJ
Car Auction, Car Quiz, Brilliant Demonstrations
Kids Entertainment i.e. Giant Slide, Swings, Rockets, Gaming LAN and lots more activities for the kids.
Food Festival. A wide variety of food stalls with double the colddrinks this time round!

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