Chevy 2.5 power

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Chevy 2.5 power

Post by hanov0 » Sun 30 Mar 2008, 21:44

Well If you play around with it you could easily get it up to a 2.7.Other wise get a 2.3 chuck in some chevy v8 pistons and youve got yourself a short stroke 2.5. Its a fair bit revier than a normal 2.5..Only one thing modify the crank so it can accept a bolt on the front of the damper. The last thing you want s a damper coming through your bonnet at 6000 r/pm.

The valve train can be changed to accect all SB chevy parts.

The fastest 2.5 was run in the 80's by a man called Mike Palmer. He was a wizard with these things, 10's in the qautermile

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Re: Chevy 2.5 power

Post by RASSIE » Tue 01 Apr 2008, 06:45

Hano, more info. please, I got a 2.5 with a auto. gearbox, out of a Firenza. Mayby I can use it . Cheers Rassie.
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Re: Chevy 2.5 power

Post by Johann65 » Thu 17 Mar 2016, 05:42

Hullo Hano! Rassie :D
Bit of history! :mrgreen:
Rear diff @ 3.7 vs the 4.5 Huge acceleration! :D
Can't recall Palmer!!! :?:
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Ah! Yes I remember it well! (Only GM's!)
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