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Posted: Fri 18 May 2012, 12:09
by Gavin RS
Anytime Daan.

Gordini, yes would love to see those pics of the wheels


Posted: Wed 10 Apr 2013, 16:10
by Gavin RS
Hi All

Been a while since I was on the site.

My old Rover is finally entered for this Saturday 13th Apr at Zwartkops, finally

Had issues with fueling but have now fitted a 2lt surge tank with extra electric fuel pump, the std pump had to cope with twin Zeniths so worked ok however with the 4bbl Weber/Edelbrock carb I had fuel surge under hard cornering and full throttle. it seems ok now as I have increased the fuel volume, pressure is still the same.
I will only know for sure on track in practice on this Friday.

Looking forward to it, still on road tyres A539's will get semi slicks by next race.
I have just done some black vinyl for now to cover up scratches etc, at a later stage I hope to re paint the car properly amongst other things and a new motor is on the cards for more power , a nice 3,9lt with high compression, Hurrican Typhoon cam and some head work should do the trick.



Posted: Wed 10 Apr 2013, 16:37
by ters
Good luck on the track! 8) :mrgreen: Please update with results.


ps. The 2600 is still in the yard close to me..... ;)


Posted: Wed 10 Apr 2013, 22:30
by zahistorics
Go Gavin! Well done to get it on the track at last.


Posted: Mon 15 Apr 2013, 10:08
by Gavin RS
Thanks Guys

Well practice on Friday was wet. I had road tyres on so it was like driving on an ice rink. the fuel problem did not crop up in the wet as cornering was no where what it should be.

I was surprised on the cars weight, I went onto the scales and the car weighed in at 1301kg not bad considering the normal weight is 1430kg. all I have done is to remove the aircon system, drivers seat replace with race seat and original radiator replaced with alloy one.I could still easily take off another 200kg's if i convert to full race touring cars. I will stick to MArque cars for this year as it is a lot of fun and cheaper

Qualifying on Friday was a mission as I still have the fuel surge problem but still qualified in 10th out of 20 cars, the first race went off well but the fuel surge really put a damper on things, on the striaght the car is faster than most of the others so held them off, through turn 4 after the straight gets scary as i change back to 4th and hope to keep it flat out through the corner but the fuel problem causes a major issue as the car loses power and then it goes into a slide.
I worked out that once i sort the problem problem out properly (need to play with float levels and recheck fuel volume) AND fit semis i should be able to knock at least 5-6 seconds off my lap .

It was still lots of fun but with the cars sliding everywhere ( I think the spectators thought I was in a RAlly car) trying to hold off other cars etc I managed to get 9th in both heats, out of 20 cars it was not so bad considering the problem i had

What was fun though was coming out of turn 2 with 4 or 5 cars right with me and 2 trying to over take before turn 3, the fuel problem goes away and i can pull away down the back straight, had some good overtaking on the inside of turn 3, up the hill the torque helps even though the motor is still stock and has 250000km on the clock . Wait till it is sorted properly then I can challenge the Mercs.

Just a question to all you V8 fundis, has anyone had any experience with the Edelbrock/Weber 500 CFM 4bbl carb. I bought this new out the box from US Connection, it is an awsome carb, I also bought the jetting , metering needle kit to do all the set up, normal driving or foot flat in a straight line it is brilliant, no hesitation or flat spots, second stage is nice and progressive. I am just not sure about float settings or needle and seat sizes. I set the floats as per the settings that come with the carb, full cd instruction with all tuning aspects, ( I never had fuel surge in corners with the Holley) are there other specs on the float levels or is this just trial and error.




Posted: Mon 15 Apr 2013, 16:43
by Mopar 440
Well done Gavin.

The worst day of racing in still better than the best day at work. :lol:

What makes you think the problem is the carb? It might be fuel pickup or fuel pump (pressure) issues?


Posted: Mon 15 Apr 2013, 18:16
by Bigblock496
Sounds to me like your float levels might be too high,causing the fuel too spill into the venturis.Set the floats lower and take it for a blast! The settings Edelbrock reccomends are for street cars,not for high G cornering .If the problem persists,borrow a Holley Carb from somewhere and see if the problem goes away,if not,you need to look at your delivery system.
Good luck,Mark.


Posted: Mon 15 Apr 2013, 18:42
Hi Gavin I had the Edelbrock 500cfm on my 351W F100 with Edelbrock intake and 272 cam with a T5 and paid R.7000 fuel to JHB from Toti and back to load a Fairmont and spares. Power was super but it had a drinking problem. in Toti it was 100 % even when I got back. Power was more than what I need towing a 4000kg load. I cannot say I like or love them as I am new in the Edelbrock game.
A Holley 350 cfm will put you way ahead of all the guys as I used it on a 351W with a 5-speed and it was stretching my arms!!
I was in a 3.5 Rover as good as new in 1985 and it was a super car and flippen fast.


Posted: Tue 16 Apr 2013, 09:46
by Gavin RS
Thanks for the tips guys.

Mopar, never a truer word said .. :lol:

I replaced the pump in the tank with a new one from the UK, this supplies a 2lt surge tank which goes into a second electric fuel pump (+-7-8psi) the volume of fuel is very good thast is supplying the carb. I will take your advice on maybe lowering the floats as I was thinking that maybe it is flooding in the corners and not starving ??? Edelbrock also recommend changing to a bigger needle and seat for off road use . I will check up on that.

Rassie - I always used to have Holley 390 cfm carbs on my other Rover V8's, good for track but not fuel consumption. this Edelbrock when driven normally is lighter on fuel than the standard twin Strombergs were.

I might just try a Holley for next time and see how it goes, I still have a 390 at home.


Posted: Wed 24 Apr 2013, 09:54
by Gavin RS
Some photos of the first race on the 13th march.