Does anyone remember...........

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Re: Does anyone remember...........

Post by ters » Fri 28 Dec 2018, 17:02

Sifi6 wrote:
Thu 27 Dec 2018, 21:24

My grandfather (Brian von Hage) didn't roll his car during this race
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Re: Does anyone remember...........

Post by ZA Perana » Fri 28 Dec 2018, 19:40

Sifi6 wrote:
Thu 27 Dec 2018, 21:20
Wingwalker wrote:
Thu 24 Apr 2008, 13:47
Brian von Hage was also one of the drivers when the Gunston F2 Chevrons were involved in the accident after the start of the first F2 race in SA. Just can't recall whether Peter Gethin's, John Love's or Brian von Hage's car rolled... he was a very good driver ... what has happened to him... still with us? .. or been called to the great Racie Meeting in the sky?
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From his granddaughter
Welcome to the forum! It would perhaps be great if your Grandfather could perhaps post here, there is a good captive audience, myself included who love hearing about the "golden era of motorsport in SA"
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