grrrrrr - checkbook!

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Darth Vader
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Re: grrrrrr - checkbook!

Post by Darth Vader » Wed 07 May 2008, 00:47

Good observation Billy, did'nt think about the color of that journal being so blue. My first impressions where conrod bolt failure.

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Killarney Racer
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Re: grrrrrr - checkbook!

Post by Killarney Racer » Wed 07 May 2008, 10:26

Will rev to 7200 but I doubt I was over 6500. Others will disagree but I was in the car.... Thinking back I was mildly suspicious on the way to the track of a quiet and distant noise..................................

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Re: grrrrrr - checkbook!

Post by Triplethree » Thu 08 May 2008, 02:32

Yip, rod cap looks overheated as hell, I see still std kent rodbolts. (re-used? - slap on the wrist :) ) Essex ones fit dandy if you tap the rods a little bit extra to fit and stronger too (It's a NF tap, 5/16 or 3/8?). Bolt availability a bit tight tough. How do the other shells look? It's an uphill battle on a wetsumped kent in a high G pulling slicked trackcar to keep the oil from obeying the laws of physics, even tougher in a 7 with a shallow pan so most guys go dry if possible (after doing this at least twice!). The rod letting go probably did it though. Rod ovality? Bearing crush? If you use the KS semi-finish piston (97580) in the kent you have to machine the underside down to shed some of the mass, they are hellish heavy being solid skirt and flat top. A mate locally does a beautiful job of chamber machining them to suit the kent valve layout (2 left,2 right handed to match plugs) Shout if you want the drawing.

and yes, Grrrrr!

nick sheward
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Re: grrrrrr - checkbook!

Post by nick sheward » Thu 08 May 2008, 16:13

Looks like an electrical problem to me. Conrod hit the alternator!

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