Bobby Olthoff 1969 Fairlane Z177

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Bobby Olthoff 1969 Fairlane Z177

Post by henryk » Mon 09 Jun 2008, 12:45


Someone recently asked for confirmation thast this car made it's racing rebut at the S A Grand Prix meeting in 1969

It was either Theuns or Nick Sherwood.

In any case I quote from "Ford Rerformance" issue no 2 of 1969 which covered the Grand Prix meeting.

"The Saloon Car Championship event run immediately after the Grand Prix provided high excitement with the 1st appearance of Bobby Olthoff's new Ford Failane, an exciting sruggle for 1st place overall in the opening stages and a spirited three way battle between Clarence Taylor(Meissner Escort 1300c) Fred Cowell (Ford Mustang) and Koos Swanepoel (Ford Escort 1300cc)

Arnold Chatz in the Alfa GTA led from the line when Olthoff's car boiled because of the long wait between the dummy grid and the start, but Chatz was hard pressed by Puddles Adler in a blown Renault 8. The latter passed him and stayed ahead for some four laps before being re passed and eventually retiring with a blown gasket."

So there you have it. Bobby's Fairlane qualified for the race but did not take part due to overheating.
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Re: Bobby Olthoff 1969 Fairlane Z177

Post by Fairlane 500 » Tue 10 Jun 2008, 23:24

Quite right, I remember that. It was meant to be a fantastic debut which came to nothing. We all were talking about this being the bringing back of the Galaxie days. How disappointed we were.

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