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hard start

Posted: Sat 04 Apr 2015, 17:40
by allan chetty
hi ,forum i need help ,my injectors in tbi camaro won't spray fuel on first swing ,will only spray fuel into intake after about 7 short bursts of cranking, then will start ,but commonly if i don't hit the gas pedal on the moment the starting ignites it starts to flood then i got to pull out the fuel pump fuse to get it to start then quickly refit fuse .with ignition on position fuel pump running and with fuel incomming rail removed petrol pours the momont key turned on .i also have the problem during the day after running a lot .the only time it starts on the 1st turn of the key is when it idles and dies of on it's i dont turn key to off position. trust somebody can help .thanks allan chetty : :?: