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Vin/chassis number Monaro

Posted: Sat 21 Oct 2017, 19:19
by NickdB
Howzit guys. I have a Holden '69 Kingswood Monaro. Been caught for a sucker with the registration papers. The guy removed the vintags to re-do the engine compartment. I have checked all over the internet to see if there might be a secret location or an area where the number might be stamped, but no luck. Anyone out there that can help me please. Car is still solid, would like to build it, but I don't want to spend money further until then.

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Re: Vin/chassis number Monaro

Posted: Sun 22 Oct 2017, 06:07
by neresh
Check the left front door pillar , just below the door lock striker . My elcamino has the tags in that area . I have also worked on the engine bay and have not come across any "stamped" numbers .