New Slant Six Build

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Re: New Slant Six Build

Post by 68barracuda » Wed 03 Sep 2014, 16:26

Those where the days - those 36DCD7's are now R7000 each new The cam lifters and timing set another R3500, the manifolds are priceless, but can be rated at about R5000 for something similar.

the strange thing is that the slant has such a massively strong bottom end - forged steel crank and conrod's( btw - the mains and big ends are mopar 440 size 8O ) - you end up spending 95% of your build budget on the head, induction, and exhaust system... go figure.

And here lies parallel evolution - the reason why the essex block is so heavy and strong is that they original envisaged it to be also produced as an diesel.

And the slant?... Was supposed to be an aluminum block, with possible diesel options - they kept the oversized ally block casting but produced it in cast iron - massively strong block, and that bottom end was kept until the seventies before they changed to cast parts - overseas that is.

Over here we had the good stuff until production stopped in 1980.

Side story - and I have now heard it from two different sources:

Back when they where planning to merge Leyland and Rover locally, the Chryslerpark guys - now ford factory - slipped a turbo charged slant the developed for the SAPS, into a SD rover. It went like the clappers and handled very well. The deal fell through, and the car was shipped back to Capetown.

A while later they received a notice to come and collect a crate at the local station. When they opened the crate it was their turbo motor - with a note stuck on it "Keep your American crap out of our British cars" The irony being that the SD was powered by a Buick 3500 V8 in later years.

The turbo slant ended its life in either a Rustler according to one source, or a D100 according to another - was apparently a very snappy shop truck.
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Re: New Slant Six Build

Post by Lee wilhelm » Thu 28 May 2015, 14:59

Hi there could someone help me with a carb for my slant six. I have seen posts of the basil green intake and carbs.Are those still avail?

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Re: New Slant Six Build

Post by ters » Thu 28 May 2015, 16:33

Lee wilhelm wrote:Hi there could someone help me with a carb for my slant six. I have seen posts of the basil green intake and carbs.Are those still avail?

You have a private message...

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