Hi All!!

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Hi All!!

Post by 68barracuda » Mon 01 Dec 2008, 15:43

Longtime no smell - so I started a Dedicated RSA Chrysler Valiant Forum and as I am sure the Chief in charge over here can tell you - it is a lot work but worth it!!

SO we are up to 55 members - and Sunday 7 Dec we are holding a Bring and Braai - at the Rietvlei Dam At least 8 told me they will be there all is welcome to Join in have look under valiant50.co.za/forum2 and look under events

Cuda is fine standing on her own Koni's now BorgWarner Rearend and propper brakes all round

I am planning to build a 66 BG/Atkinsons Barracuda 110 clone in the future - have the manifold just looking for the car - the Police manifold is aimed at a 72 charger as the police used them - OK I know of at least one - and a Charger deserves such a manifold

The Cuda...I will see she - is breathing very well through the 390 4bbl 4150 Holley - very well indeed - revs like a food blender - the MSD and recurved dizzy helps a lot and the 2 1/2 inch exhaust :twisted:

Mopar Greetings

Fanie Gerber
Fanie Gerber
It's never junk, it's just a part you're not currently using

Just say I own a few Mopars

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