turbo Alfetta GTV6

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turbo Alfetta GTV6

Post by IndianaJones » Mon 26 Oct 2015, 07:53

Found something interesting, which I did not know about…

According to Wikipedia: “South Africa was one of two markets to have a turbocharged GTV6, with a Garrett turbocharger and a NACA intake. An estimated 750 were assembled before all production ceased in 1986.”
Turbocharged GTV6’s from the factory, and 750 built, is this true?

I can believe that there might have been GTV6’s turbocharged by Alpine Developments, like is suggested in this advertisement, only it is a 2.0L…
http://johannesburg.olx.co.za/alfa-2-0- ... -841384646

And I do know the Alfa Super 2.0L Turbo was available from the factory at the same time, and it made more power and torque than even the GTV6 3.0L
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Re: turbo Alfetta GTV6

Post by Scorpionman » Mon 26 Oct 2015, 08:04

That Wikipedia info is very optimistic. Maybe 750 V6 GTV's were built in total.

Only know about the 2000 Super with turbo.

There could have been a couple of GTV6's done by Alpine. They did put a turbo on just about anything.
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Re: turbo Alfetta GTV6

Post by sidedraught » Mon 26 Oct 2015, 11:33

Never heard or seen of a factory GTV6 turbo in SA. Dawie de Villiers did do some turbo conversions back in the day.

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