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Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Fri 24 Oct 2014, 20:32
by ters
We are currently on 174 members....please do come join us. Lots of pics, laughs and general chat. Keep the Forum alive!


Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Thu 30 Oct 2014, 16:38
by Rowan

Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Thu 30 Oct 2014, 17:10
by ters
Rowan wrote:.
:lol: Not at all Rowan! Please elaborate on your observation? I have seen an increase in posts here?

I make an effort to refer to posts on the Forum, keep interests here alive. The FB page was by no means intended to be a substitute for the Forum, merely an extension of interaction.

Please voice your concerns ouboet! :mrgreen:


Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Fri 31 Oct 2014, 12:16
by Rowan
Hahaha i'm just mucking around. I understand the whole Facebook thing, the more people that know about our awesome 8) Forum the better. I just never caught on to that Facebook trend.

Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Fri 31 Oct 2014, 12:22
by ters
Rowan wrote:Hahaha i'm just mucking around. I understand the whole Facebook thing, the more people that know about our awesome 8) Forum the better. I just never caught on to that Facebook trend.
Thank you for your support! :mrgreen:


Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Sun 02 Nov 2014, 16:00
by ters
From our Facebook page, posted by Burnthosetyres.

I am no Cobra fan but at last years Thundersport Dyno day this Backdraft racing Cobra stole the show! This years event is Sat 15 Nov it's also for charity... If you are in Debben.... make a plan!
12779_10152497770591056_6036711842902889024_n.jpg (97.47 KiB) Viewed 9413 times
10422121_10152497771066056_6624841389244435793_n.jpg (94.78 KiB) Viewed 9413 times
10435614_10152497771131056_6938664843350034818_n.jpg (67.09 KiB) Viewed 9413 times

ps. Thank you ZA Perana for the idea of sharing posts!

Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Fri 14 Nov 2014, 20:02
by ZA Perana
That's one very powerful Cobra.

Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Sat 15 Nov 2014, 18:07
by ters
Indy suggested we share this valuable Mopar info from our FB page, good call mr. Jones :mrgreen: (200+ members, come join us!)

"Fanie: En 'n 318 is 'n verbasende enjin - waarom mense dink 5.2 liter in 'n kar wat soveel as 'n Jetta IV TDi weeg te min is, sal nugter weet - plus die smallblock behou die kar se balans - beter hantering as bigblock......behalwe as jy 'n groot fortuin het om te spandeer op aluminium big block parte..... Standaard 318 180kW 462Nm.

Bradley: What did you do with the oil filter and the steering box?

Bradley: We find it a lot easier the fit the big block.

Fanie: I don't know what Etienne Fouche did - but after my previous experience with sandwich adapters, my 318 will run AN fittings directly out of the block, into hardlines to the front, and hp hose to the oil filter on the frame rail next to the radiator - from there onto an oil cooler.

Fanie: These day big blocks are rare, 360 Magnums plentiful, and the conversion with AN fittings cheap. So no big hassle either way

Bradley: We just used a 90deg adaptor off a 351 ford motor from a E20 van. It worked great.

Fanie: Problem is with the cars with power steering - there is virtually no space for such an adapter - the Power Steering box is HUGE. I have an ultra low profile 90 degree adapter that worked well, until it started leaking...... the AN conversion reduce your chances of that.

Bradley:We use an Isuzu KB power steering box.

Fanie: Explain please?

Bradley: Finding a valiant power steering box is not so easy so we used a and made the Isuzu box fit. It is much smaller and its a rear steer box.

Bradley: They are also easy to get.

Fanie: Interesting idea. Personally I prefer to keep to Mopar, and I have a few spare boxes - and the AN conversion is documented in the Mopar Engines manual, so it is an acceptable mod for the restoration lot - it reduce the chance of leakage, you are running 1/2 inch lines so there is no restriction. BUT for the guys that like to mix it up the Isuzu box is a great alternative - you should document what you have done, and share. Well done.

Bradley: We are busy trying to fit a 383 big block into a 61 valiant v200. Not an easy job.

Fanie: THAT is a hairy one - the small block is already a tight squeeze - and the funny early K-Member does not make life easy.

Fanie: And that Engine bay is ultra Narrow

Bradley: Thanks. We just done a 65 nova too. Use the Isuzu box again, got very lucky and found a 68 Camaro pitman arm that fits the box and the track rod.

Bradley: K member and the width was not the problem, is was that this car was a manual and the tunnel is offset and far too small for the auto box.

Fanie: BTW there is a combo - using the 74 Upwards Valiant spindles, with Cruiser/Hilux 4 pot Calipers, and Mercedes discs that massively improve the braking system.

Bradley: I bring Willwood kits in for the ones we do. Bolt on and not a bad price.

Fanie: Oh yes - that tunnel is intended for the A904 Torqueflite and that small manual box the 727 is bigger. The offset is however a standard Mopar feature.Apparently it was done to help with the torque reaction of the rear axle - to prevent a wheel lifting, which I would believe - others say it was to make space for the driver in the LHD cars. If this was the case, why did they keep this feature in the completely Australian designed VH to CL cars - including the Chargers?

Fanie: And as for space - the same offset is found on the is really not at a premium in the land yachts.

Bradley: I'm here in Durban rates not great but bringing in our parts direct has saved us loads.

Fanie: Strangely the Toyota (Sumitomo ) 4 pot caliper bolt directly onto the Ozzy spindles - just need a set of custom bolts, or sleeve the calliper boltholes. Offset is spot on, and the Sumitomo units look like Willwood without branding.

Fanie: Yes I agree Shipping directly helps a lot - Summit, Mancini racing Steele rubber and so on - great stuff. Post office causing Havoc - was very easy having stuff shipped to local PO, pay customs and be done with it."


ps. Come join us to see the pics of a 383 in a Valiant!

Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Tue 25 Nov 2014, 18:58
by ters
Shared on our FB page. Contact person is Nelis de Bruyn.

"Hi Guys. I have found manufacturer for lenses for Classic Cars. I am in process of having moulds made for the following lenses. All Ranchero and Fairmont Lenses. (Bumper indicator, Corner indicator and inner Amber lens, Rear Taillight and Indicator lenses and inner Clear lenses.) 74-80 Chev C10 (Front indicator, Amber or Clear, Taillights Complete or Lenses only. Please contact me if you would like to order any of these. PM or Whatsapp on 0832530016. PS. Pictures shown are not the new ones. These were used to manufacture moulds.

Nelis du Bruyn As listed:
Ranchero, Fairlane, Fairmont bumper indicators. R150.00 each.
Ranchero, Fairmont corner indicators. R295.00 each.
Ranchero, Fairmont corner indicator amber inner. R240.00 each.
rear taillights and indicators. R450.00 each. Rear taillight an indicator inner lense. R240.00 each.
74 Chev C10 Front indicator. R400.00 each.
74 Chev C10 taillight globe housing and dust cover R500.00 each.
74 Chev C10 taillight lens. R340.00 each."


ps. Many more available ;)

Re: AMC on Facebook!

Posted: Tue 02 Dec 2014, 08:07
by ters
We are at 291 members on the Facebook page! :mrgreen:

If any member here has difficulty joining our FB page, please leave a comment here with your name used for request to join. New member requests are carefully scrutinised, not to keep it exclusive, but keep the page orderly :mrgreen: .