Mintys Pretoria

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Mintys Pretoria

Post by ecollyer » Thu 22 Jun 2017, 01:50

Mintys Pretoria Beware

I would like to share my experience with Mintys Pretoria in the attempt to warn people to avoid their horrific service and possibly endangering your family's life by trusting them with your vehicle. Two weeks ago I bought new rims and Dunlop at3s, after two hours thirty minutes they finished installing the new wheels.

On driving home 110kph+ I experienced a violent shudder throughout the whole car on the highway. I then called the owner and said I think possibly they may have forgotten to balance one of the wheels.

2 days later I arrive and mintys and after about 40 minutes the mintys is owner tells me rims required spigot rings, he has measured and will order them for me. Another 20 minutes pass and I approach the car to find out why it's taking so long to refit one wheel.

I see the technician has snapped one of the bolts on the wheel hub and also scratched the brand new rims badly in the process.

The owner tells me he will order the spigot rings and fix the snapped hub bolt when I return. Over a week later eventually I'm told the spigot rings have arrived. An hour after arriving I am told the rings are fitted however they cannot fix the broken hub bolt and I should take it to Mitsubishi and they will pay for the replacement. Oh and also the previous bolts they fitted were not correct so they changed all of them.

Yet again on driving home I get a violent shudder in the car. This time having lost all faith in Mintys and wanting a car that's actually drivable I take my car to Tiger wheel & Tyre Silverlakes, on arrival I give the instruction I'd like to balance all 4 wheels. 15 minutes later I'm told buy one of the management that my car is not fit to be on the road and is a danger.

The reason my car was shaking violently is that 3 bolts one on one front wheels was spinning and could not be tightened due to it being stripped.

I ask the manager of Tiger wheel and Tyre to speak to the owner of mintys to confirm this with him, Mintys then tried to put the blame on Tiger wheel and Tyre and hung up.

To summarize I have a vehicle with 7 completely stripped bolts, 1 wheel which cannot be removed due to the bolts just spinning, 1 snapped bolt and scratched rims.

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Re: Mintys Pretoria

Post by Johann66 » Thu 22 Jun 2017, 20:27

Thankfully I don't deal with Minty's. Thanks for the warning!

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Re: Mintys Pretoria

Post by rathian19 » Wed 13 Feb 2019, 04:48

That's too bad.
I got a set of fuel wheels to try on this weekend. Any good trail to take my truck?

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Re: Mintys Pretoria

Post by jlebenon » Wed 13 Feb 2019, 19:58

Business in South Africa ... Fucken useless
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Re: Mintys Pretoria

Post by First V8 » Fri 15 Feb 2019, 09:17

I also had a run in with Mintys Bedfordview many years ago with my BMW . Bad balancing , wrong bolts and bad alignment . Never used Mintys again .
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