Seeking Projetcs? Look here.

Post any parts or cars here that you discovered that could be useful to other forum members in future.
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Re: Seeking Projetcs? Look here.

Post by ZA Perana » Sun 05 Feb 2017, 11:10

Mountainman wrote:Hi. I bought my Thames panel van from there, but in hindsight it was not worth it.
Took a bunch of pics and saw some really awesome cars that was well beyond saving. It seems Marmic bought all the cars from the guy in Utrecht, kept the best to sell off, and sold the rest to the gent at Melmoth.
The cars sat outside for most of their time without any protection, and as a result rust took most of them. I remember an El Camino complete, but the entire load bed was gone. The supports remained.
As I've said, most cars were beyond saving, but it was weird to see them in such bad shape, yet the chrome still looked reasonable, and light lenses and windows etc still intact. Open the bonnets and the engines were complete.
I am of the opinion that although very few cars could have been saved, there was an absolute treasure trove in spares, yet the owner was not willing to part out, but sold only complete cars. Taking into account transport costs to bring a car back to Joburg was not economically viable.
I have not been back in that direction lately, but looking at Google Earth images of about two years ago, the site is completely clean with no cars there.
My assumption is that in the end, most of them were collected by a scrap metal dealer and could now be a new Tata. Or a Toaster.
Yes I recall the cars were in pretty poor shape in the pictures. Pity they were so far gone but if one looks back there are many, many similar circumstances where cars were simply left.
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