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Re: Introduction

Post by kavesh » Sun 04 Mar 2012, 17:09

Welcome to the forum. Another Elky

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Re: Introduction

Post by sonja » Sun 04 Mar 2012, 17:33


10 points to all of you who figured it out.

Yep thats what I did exactly just moved the letters around,Ive had a hell of alot of ladies tell me that they just cant seem to be easily encorporated into what seems to be a male dominated pass time.
So thanx to all of you who gave "sonja"such a warm welcome,although I know lots of you personally for a very long time,I think a formal introduction is necessary.
My name is Jason Schwegmann,(but will keep the "sonja" handle) I am a custom car builder by proffesion,I work for 1 of the largest custom,executive restoration companys in the southern hemisphere,our shop is 6000square meters,and its one of the only 1 stop shops in the game,the only thing we send out for is our chrome work,I have an exstensive career in this game for over 20 yrs now,and have built 2 cars on an international invetation to sema,Ill try post as many pics as I can,but doing this full time doesnt really leave me lots of time to download pics,any thing I can help with please dont hesitate to just ask.

We have some very rare cars in our shop at the moment,67 GTO,58 VETTE,60 IMPALA 2dr,60 IMPALA convertable,69 CAMARO,65 FORD GTA,64 TBIRD,65TBIRD, just to name a few,there are over 100 cars in the shop at any given time,feel free to come visit me anytime.

I had a few of my own cars 95vette,mini with 2.0l golf motor turbo and nos,and my elcamino,sold the other 2 but kept the elcamino.

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Re: Introduction

Post by neresh » Sun 04 Mar 2012, 18:57

So .........why moonlight ?? Unless you cross dress as well . Its the same respect whether u have moobs or boobs . :mrgreen:
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Re: Introduction

Post by sonja » Sun 04 Mar 2012, 19:10

It concerns me that you would consider the whole "cross dress"senario ??? :D

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Re: Introduction

Post by 58Chevy » Sun 04 Mar 2012, 19:58


you from ?

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Re: Introduction

Post by HenryGaB » Mon 05 Mar 2012, 07:07

Welcome to the Forum
Pure unadulterated power, now that is the life....
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Re: Introduction

Post by 49Shoebox » Mon 05 Mar 2012, 07:46

I already dont trust this shemale................. 8O
Just enjoy life, it doesnt last forever.

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Re: Introduction

Post by Graeme » Mon 05 Mar 2012, 08:25

You talking about Rolling Under? :mrgreen:
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Re: Introduction

Post by Tony69 » Mon 05 Mar 2012, 16:09

49Shoebox wrote:I already dont trust this shemale................. 8O
If he mentions 'tranny', dont assume its a gearbox :lol:

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Re: Introduction

Post by Johann65 » Mon 05 Mar 2012, 16:18

Tony69 wrote:
49Shoebox wrote:I already dont trust this shemale................. 8O
If he mentions 'tranny', dont assume its a gearbox :lol:
Tranny or Trassie? I personaly think this @$#@% should be taken off the Forum!!
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Ah! Yes I remember it well! (Only GM's!)
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