Chevy SS / Monaro GTS

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Bevan VR
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Chevy SS / Monaro GTS

Post by Bevan VR » Mon 05 Jun 2017, 04:54

Hi all,

I am new to this site,

Ive just purchased a Chevy SS that is a project.

If anyone has some spare parts or even further SS / GTS shells I would be interested.

Please whatsapp me or contact on this site if need be.

+27 721362589

IMG-20170605-WA0002.jpg (51.13 KiB) Viewed 2599 times
IMG-20170605-WA0001.jpg (94.26 KiB) Viewed 2599 times
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Re: Chevy SS / Monaro GTS

Post by ters » Mon 05 Jun 2017, 17:13

Welcome Bevan! Purchased from Willem?

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ZA Perana
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Re: Chevy SS / Monaro GTS

Post by ZA Perana » Mon 05 Jun 2017, 21:20

Welcome to the forum. What are your goals for the build, return to original?
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Re: Chevy SS / Monaro GTS

Post by Jeffrey » Tue 06 Jun 2017, 04:52

Welcome Bevan!! Enjoy the build!! Post pics!!

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Re: Chevy SS / Monaro GTS

Post by kavesh » Tue 06 Jun 2017, 17:40

Congratulations and welcome. Lots of work ahead.

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Re: Chevy SS / Monaro GTS

Post by maxman » Wed 07 Jun 2017, 08:42

I like the "deathproof" theme going there. How much trim is still left ? And do you have the correct motor ?

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Bevan VR
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Re: Chevy SS / Monaro GTS

Post by Bevan VR » Mon 14 Aug 2017, 04:29

HI All,

Sorry for the delay in my reply.

This car will not be all original again. Well not from me at least.

Most trim is there. I'm thinking of buying an El Camino to use the dash and wiring as my car has no wiring...

Engine is probably not the one it came with, this one is a 308 v8. According to my VIN no the chassis is a 308 v8 4 speed manual.

Car is in prime, didn't have too much rust which is good. only small sections where cut out and new sheet welded in.

The car should see paint in the next 2-3 weeks.

Still need heaps of parts though.

Any help or advise appreciated!

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