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New outjie on the turf

Posted: Sun 15 Apr 2018, 16:05
by Bokke_ond
Howzit everyone....just came across this forum , by a lucky chance, while surfing through the web...and who knows, this might just be the perfect spot, to meet my expectations, when it comes to my all time, crazy hobby....I'm a proud born South African, living overseas these days & I'm always on the hunt, for new additions to my man cave collection....which is those elusive, black on yellow number plates, from our former 4 provinces...maybe some out there can throw some lekker pointers, on how to find & get hold of them....Beste groete vir almal!

Re: New outjie on the turf

Posted: Sun 15 Apr 2018, 16:25
by ters
Welkom Bokke down onder! Impressive collection!


Re: New outjie on the turf

Posted: Sun 15 Apr 2018, 19:35
by werner
Welcome Bokke,

Unfortunately I chucked my Wing's TJ numberplate away before I knew people do collect it.

Re: New outjie on the turf

Posted: Sun 15 Apr 2018, 19:44
by ZA Perana
Welcome, great collection. I wonder where CFH is, that particular caught my eye.

Re: New outjie on the turf

Posted: Sun 15 Apr 2018, 20:37
by Scorpionman
Welcome. Nice collection. Hope you like your stay here

CFH - Kakamas

Re: New outjie on the turf

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2018, 18:48
by Bokke_ond
Thanks everyone for the lekker heads up....always trying my very best to upgrade my collection, though the chances are quite scarce and very limited, especially through any online device, such as Ebay...

Even back home, my search revealed to be rather hopeless & almost a sort of wild goose chase....rocked down in Jo'burg for a couple of weeks in October, to visit the family & while there, saved a day, to cruise deep into town, 2 check some of the local junkyards, which took me all the way 2 some sketchy spots in oldies were to be found, but got hold of a few GP´S & one from Botswana....

So by joining this forum, I'm keeping my hopes high, that I just might get some pointers, on where to search & which doors to knock....someone actually told me, in order to get hold of military & police number plates, I should take a sneak peek, on a government garage or something....or try the local DMV &try my luck....The elusive number plates from the former homelands, are the ones that I'm really on the look out...

So if anyone out there, member of this forum or not, has some top notch info, on where to get hold of the Holy Graal, that would be very much appreciated...

Beste groete vir almal..