New member - 73 Ford Fairlane

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riaan 500
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New member - 73 Ford Fairlane

Post by riaan 500 » Sun 14 Apr 2019, 21:14

Hi All

I am new to this forum.

I own a Ford Fairlane ZF and need some parts on it. Let me know where I inquire about parts for it on this forum please.

Glad to have found this community.

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Re: New member - 73 Ford Fairlane

Post by ters » Mon 15 Apr 2019, 06:09

Welcome Riaan! Nice looking Fairlane, tell us more about her?

Post your parts wanted posts here: ... m.php?f=14

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riaan 500
Posts: 3
Joined: Sun 14 Apr 2019, 21:00

Re: New member - 73 Ford Fairlane

Post by riaan 500 » Mon 15 Apr 2019, 15:14

Thanks Ters

I changed it up a bit with a FE390 and C6 tranny. The motor has a stage 1 cam and has been brought to life with some upgrades.

Still want to do link suspension at the rear. Did Audi A4 discs and calipers at the rear. So the brakes are very good.

Battling with the cluster and might end up doing a custom solution. The fact that it's an Australian spec is a bit of a pain in the neck... Parts are very scarce and knowledge on the car as well. But so far so good. She is on the rod and running often.

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