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Post by maxman » Fri 18 Dec 2009, 11:04

Hi to all

Nice to see a well supported forum here in SA.
A brief history on my petrolhead adventures:
First car i drove was my dads clapped out '72 ranchero with a HOT 351C in it, I was too small to see over the dash properly but i knew that this was what I wanted. Years passed and I had a few JAPSCRAP cars and then started to work building Cobra replicas......
That got me started.. Due to funds , my first project was a bike , A hard tail choppper with a gsx1100 suzuki motor in it.... Worked on it long and hard and then finally rode it and scared myself so bad I never rode the thing again. HardTail bikes and african roads dont mix too well - Add in a race tuned 1100 motor and it makes it worse. So I did the sensible thing and bought a bigger bike a 1200 Vmax.

Fast forward a few years and I was on the hunt for a Fairlane 500 , but could not find one in decent shape. Then a buddy of mine told me about a nice Fairmont GT that he knew of for sale. I rushed out to Simon who was kind enough to sell it to me.... Happy days .. although I am sure he regrets selling it to me for such a low price. Drove that as my daily driver for about a year and then bought a new car to run about in and the GT was for weekends.

I always was looking for a "genuine" muscle car though and I saw a bargain for a '70 Cougar on Moby302's site so I had to have it. Lots of work on that one and now I unfortunatly have to sell the CAT to pay for some restoration on the GT and a new kitchen for the missus.

I have loads of other projects in mind but here are a few that will probably make it.
1) a lotus 7 ( chassis done and donor car already stripped)
2) my dad's 1960 Velocette 350 ( all parts cleaned ... now to paint and assemble)
3) a Repliaca of a 1955 Jaguar "D" Type - BMW suspension and Toyota straight six power
4) a chopped up bug with flipped front suspension and air ride suspension.

Thats all for now
'71 XW Fairmont GT (silver fox)
'96 Yamaha Vmax (muscle bike)

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Re: New Member

Post by Insomnia » Fri 18 Dec 2009, 14:22

Welcome aboard MAXMAN.

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Re: New Member

Post by HKGTS186S » Fri 18 Dec 2009, 15:20

Welcome maxman 8)
AUS Muscle and RSA Muscle closely related !!!

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