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Re: time to say hi

Post by Emdee96 » Mon 03 Jan 2011, 01:02

Looks to me like the Chev boys are taking over.

Welcome Welcome.

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Re: time to say hi

Post by RASSIE » Mon 03 Jan 2011, 06:44

Welcome. :D
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Re: time to say hi

Post by OldSkool II » Mon 03 Jan 2011, 08:07

welcome pauly!
is the engine running yet?
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Re: time to say hi

Post by HenryGaB » Mon 03 Jan 2011, 09:07

Welcome to the Forum
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Viper Cape
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Re: time to say hi

Post by Viper Cape » Mon 03 Jan 2011, 16:17

Unfortunately no time to assemble before we closed for the year. Hopefully this month. :cry: . On a lighter note looking to buy a smart car for the week so i may jol more on a weekend with the chevy. :twisted:

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Re: time to say hi

Post by zahistorics » Tue 04 Jan 2011, 03:30

Welcome Paul

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