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Posted: Wed 01 Mar 2017, 19:43
by Leon
This is something that has come up alot in what i do ans it has come to my attention that people plase a lot of faith in a aftermarket immobiliser. I had a vheicle that was olmost lost due to theft. The only thing that saved this guys car was the fact that the battery was shot and would not crank the enging.

The aftermarket immobiliser was found n bypassed in 3min with no regard to the interior.

I also know how easy it is to hotwire a points ignition system.

I did make a simple relyable system for this guy and the criminals testes it for me.

They had 30min from what i can gather and it was nowhere neer being taken because it wasnt a standard system.

Can you get past that system...... Of course, but it does throw a spanner in the works a bit.

The system is a simple 4 relay setup where the first relay powers the 2nd relay which powers the 2 latching relays.

The 1 latching ralay cuts power and the other one shorts out the coil.

Very simple but very reliable.

If anybody would like to try it i will draw up a diagram for you.


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Posted: Wed 01 Mar 2017, 20:22
by Waterhond
Hi Leon,

I would be very interested in the diagram !!



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Posted: Wed 01 Mar 2017, 22:35
by hanov0
Sounds good!!

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Posted: Wed 01 Mar 2017, 23:43
by Leon
Okay so here is the drawing.

I forgot to draw in a diode at pin 87 on relay 3 between the relay and the coil the system wil work without it but if you bridge the coil + to B+ it will latch. Rather put it in.

So there is no secret switch as you use the existing switches, it could be anything this is just an example.

In this example you would on the ignition, tramp on the brakes and honk the horn.

That will latch both relay 3 and 4.

If unlatched relay 3 cuts power to the coil and relay 4 shorts out the points, use a thicker wire here.

All relays are standard 4 pin except relay 4 is a 5 pin.

Any questions and ill be happy to assist.

Good luck n let me know how it goes.


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Posted: Thu 02 Mar 2017, 08:27
by marnus
might be an issue starting your car at 2AM if you have to honk the horn to start it :lol:
But will def trow the baddies off course - I like it

Would you mind if I hi-jack it, rework and fit to my V8?

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Posted: Thu 02 Mar 2017, 13:13
by Leon
Do as you please.

Let me know if i can help


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Posted: Mon 10 Apr 2017, 18:40
by bmwmaniac
how does that stop me from simply putting a wire from the battery positive straight onto the coil positive and pushing the vehicle

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Posted: Mon 10 Apr 2017, 21:38
by maxman
My mate had a old Datsun Bakkie with a "system" like this. Flash the lights and left indicators for one flash........ had a lekker chuckle when I remember this

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