Old cam and new lifters

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Old cam and new lifters

Post by maxman » Mon 12 Jun 2017, 22:39

Hi all,

I have read up a bit on this and most guys say it's fine. But you must treat it as a new cam install with the same cam break in procedure.

Two questions.

1 ). Suggestions on what lube to use on the lifters to get proper lifter break in?

2) How would I go about "pre lubing" my engine.

351 ford cleveland. 2 v . STD cam and Hyd lifters

, some background.... I bent a few pushrods after the car was standing for a long time. Took awhile to figure out that 2 of the lifters were locked solid. I am guessing sludge in the oil from standing so long?

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Re: Old cam and new lifters

Post by dom » Thu 20 Jul 2017, 07:51

No response yet?

I would aim to get your existing lifter cleaned and put them back in the bores where they came from.
I had used new lifter on used cams with little success.

Prelubing the engine?
New cam & lifter come with grease. Surely sombody here has half a pack left.

Preoiling? If you allow me to differ: Borrow or modifiy an old dristributor and attach a drill to it, turning the oil pump.
It helsp also if you prime to pump first. An empty pump doesn't suck well...
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Re: Old cam and new lifters

Post by Mopar 440 » Thu 20 Jul 2017, 08:52

I use this stuff with break in and with oil change. Don't skimp on getting some for of prelube for the cam and lifters. Today's oils don't have enough zink in them. I'f go a lot of problems, but wiping cam lobes is not one of them.

Sure Ralph of Motown stocks this stuff, otherwise Swannie of the V8 Shoppe has.

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