Ford Sapphire V8 Build

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Sapphire on Fire
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Ford Sapphire V8 Build

Post by Sapphire on Fire » Thu 27 Jul 2017, 23:02

Hi Everyone

I bought a Sapphire IRS about a year ago and wanted to put a v8 into it, i know i ruined an IRS but at the time i was really after the v8.

in that time i had to move out of SA for work which has really slowed down everything as im hardly home to finish anything on her, im really just finding my feet mechanically as i had very basic knowledge prior to starting this build but in the end i wanted to know that i built the machine i drive.

i posted in this section as the project is still ongoing and i still need loads of help, a little background to get you guys going, base is sapphire irs the first day i brought her home the ecu harness caught fire (hence the name) luckily it was put out without any damage, fixed the harness but before going v8 i fixed up the diff, propshaft, rear cvs, wheel bearings, drivers door locks, electric windows, tried my best to get the efi system working correct but felt it just didnt have the power i wanted.

bought a 302 motor, all new bearings, oil pump etc, comp cams 274XE cam, new lifters, pertronix dizzy, march pulley system, ford racing valve covers for the looks of course! :mrgreen: holley 600cfm carb turned out like this



engine mounts was a pain but finally got the motor into the car, using a toyota 21R box, still havent fired her up which is killing me still need the odd and ends but il save that for another post..

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Re: Ford Sapphire V8 Build

Post by parkerya » Fri 28 Jul 2017, 08:01

looks good :) , its a pain knowing you have everything you need but just don't have the time to finish :cry:
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Sapphire on Fire
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Re: Ford Sapphire V8 Build

Post by Sapphire on Fire » Fri 28 Jul 2017, 09:44

theres a few things i need help with maybe someone on here already has this setup and can point me in the right direction.

the throttle cable end looks like a barrel, which adapter are you guys using to connect it to the carb?

if using the double fans did you manage to fit them behind the radiator or did you have to move them to the front?

did you have to change any of the wiring for the coil and starter? i took out the ecu harness so not sure if that will affect these items?

which starter did you go with? built in solenoid or standard one with seperate solenoid?

did you have to run a new temp gauge wire from the cluster or where did you join it? i might have to run a seperate gauge for it.

on almost all the sapp v8s pics i saw the top radiator hose has a tee piece with a pipe going to the expansion bottle, did you guys have to make this piece or did you buy it somewhere?

how did you fit the power steering pump to the block? the current bracket seems way off

any help with any of these questions will help me out alot thanx!
Current - Ford Sapphire IRS. Previously owned - cortina 30s, ford figo (mistake child), mondeo st220, suzuki gsxr600, toyota conquest 20v

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Re: Ford Sapphire V8 Build

Post by motor1 » Sun 06 Aug 2017, 22:34

Hi, not sure what area you are in? If in Cape Town, maybe try to speak to the guys at Novel Ford in Paarl, they did a few conversions. I think Grosvenor Ford in Durbs also did a few, as well as Lupini if I am not mistaken.

I don't see him on here often, but Alvin Chetty has extensive knowledge of V8 Fords, he has more than a few lol. You could try searching for him on Facebook if all else fails. Good luck with the project, still hanker for a V8 Saff or XR8, but alas finances do not permit such dreams.

PS, please post pics of the car, Photobucket is no longer a free hosting site, so your pics are not on here any longer
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Re: Ford Sapphire V8 Build

Post by wanegofast » Mon 07 Aug 2017, 09:11

Hi i am in cape town i have a sierra with this conversion done give me a call you can come have a look mine was also done by me in my own garage

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Re: Ford Sapphire V8 Build

Post by Shaunp » Tue 08 Aug 2017, 17:49

My wires also burnt.
Magic happens.

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