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Essex V6 advice ...

Posted: Sat 09 Jun 2018, 18:48
by getafix
This one for all the essex fundis ...
So pulling heads after head gasket failure I see circular indentations on piston 8O - size and location matches intake valve
- have it on #1, #3, #4 and number #6 pistons. Slight mark on #2. Was not there a year ago :? .
Quite shiny as well - thru the carbon, so must have happened recently. Any suggestions as to cause and possible remedies?
Have checked the cam timing. Was my first check. No problems on valves. Seated nicely away from piston.
Sticky valves - how to check? Same with valve springs.

Thanx in advance.

Re: Essex V6 advice ...

Posted: Thu 02 Aug 2018, 09:09
by goddard
I have heard of "sticky" valves, but never experienced it (I think) First, are you running a std cam? Or modified cam? If modified, the cam could be too aggressive and is coming into contact with the pistons? With wild cams we most likely have to "pocket" the pistons to clear the valves.
One assumes your valves are not bent though? You dont mention that?
Your block has not been "decked"?
Over revving? Valve bounce?
I'm pretty much shooting in the dark... but, could be "sticky" valves??? :D