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1972 El Camino diff

Posted: Tue 18 Dec 2018, 20:15
by Hurgo
Hi Everyone my name is Hurgo. And a once proud driver of an el Camino before the diff failed and broke on me. I live in Gauteng, Pretoria but the el Camino is currently in Polokwane. Reason for that is my father and I bought the el Camino as a project car so we bought a 4.1 v8 Lexus engine and got it swapped into the el camino at Polokwane and the people who did the conversion did a pretty good job but got reckless with the car and it’s power and broke the diff. So we told the person who broke the diff to replace it and he did but he got a very rusty and worn out one and whats worse is that we’ve tried to look for a diff for the el Camino but couldn’t find anything.

If there is anyone on this forum that can suggest any good diff that can give/handle the power of the 4.1 engine and possibly have good fuel consumption then please give me a contact number to call so that we can negotiate and get the el Camino moving again.

I’m willing to go anywhere in Polokwane,Pretoria,Joburg, north west and possibly kzn

Thank you.

Re: 1972 El Camino diff

Posted: Wed 19 Dec 2018, 06:05
by ters
Welcome Hurgo! Rocket 88 in Pinetown, Ford 8.8 differential:


ps. Please post pics of the Elky?

Re: 1972 El Camino diff

Posted: Thu 20 Dec 2018, 02:08
by Hurgo
Thank you so much for the suggestion @Ters. I’ve sent them an e-mail and waiting on the response.

I wish I could post picture but I currently do not have any because I barely took any all I have are videos of the car and the engine noise. Sorry !

Thank you,