what are my carburettor clips called?

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what are my carburettor clips called?

Post by docjohn » Tue 27 Jul 2021, 17:33

The Ball & Ball carb on my 1969 Barracuda has rods connected to the links by little tiny springy wire clips. They're shaped like figure eight with a gap so you can push them onto the groove in the rod with pliers. So they're not exactly circlips which are E-shaped. What are these wire clips called?

I ask because I've discovered a clip like this has recently fallen off and been lost in the engine bay! I could get a pack of new ones on the internet if I knew what they were called.

Or....would a circlip be a better option? Are they made that small (rod diameter = 48thou, groove diameter obviously less than this)?
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Re: what are my carburettor clips called?

Post by ters » Tue 27 Jul 2021, 17:43

Ball Joint Security Clips ;)

steel-ball-joint-connector-type-2.jpg (34.35 KiB) Viewed 1863 times
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