Tailight wiring 72 XY Ranchero

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Re: Tailight wiring 72 XY Ranchero

Post by paulusvrotius1 » Fri 02 Sep 2011, 14:32

Hi Danie,

Just thinking about terminal P on your switch, I think it may be intended as a power point for front fog lights working through a dash mounted switch so the fogs only work when the side lights are on. Fogs are useless with the headlamps on as well in fog.



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Re: Tailight wiring 72 XY Ranchero

Post by Neek » Fri 02 Sep 2011, 15:08

Good afternoon Danie and Paul,

Now I know why you don't mention B and BY in the same phrase.

Mine is wired together to have the front park lights (amber in colour) on with both switch 1 or 2 selected.

I missed the dimming issue! :(

I think I'll shut up, say nothing, and simply enjoy the pics once they're uploaded. :)

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Re: Tailight wiring 72 XY Ranchero

Post by V-Hatchi » Wed 11 Jan 2012, 12:48

Good afternoon Danie,

Way back in August/September I (Neek) spent a lot of time studying your wiring diagrams and posting possible solutions.

A lot of these technical threads don't get completed, just like this one, so anyone reading it and hoping to learn from it, is actually wasting their time ! :cry:

I was looking forward to seeing what the actual solution was to your problem so that I could learn from it.

Please will you post the pictures and solution to the problem as you said you would.

If you do that I'll be grateful, but also I'll be motivated to post the solution to your cooling problem in your cooling thread.
And no, you do not need electric fans !!

Many thanx,
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Re: Tailight wiring 72 XY Ranchero

Post by HenryGaB » Wed 11 Jan 2012, 13:33

Yes Please, I'm also very interested in what the solution to this problem was.
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Re: Tailight wiring 72 XY Ranchero

Post by Ou Toppie » Thu 12 Jan 2012, 10:18

Hi Guys,
You are completely right in what you are saying; we forget to finish what we started to the detriment of others who wanted to learn from our experiences.

I must therefore apologise for not posting the end results of the switch saga.

Below is s sketch of a typical XY switch. Wiring diagrams such as the one on page one is sometimes beautiful and colourful, but not always correct. You will notice there are more symbols on the actual switch than mentioned in the diagram.

When I got to the rewiring part during the restoration of my Ranchero, I had three wire harnesses which were badly butchered. I cut them all open and painstakingly solder all the piece with the same colours together, then shrink a sleeve over each joint. You can imagine, I landed up with a lot of small rolls of all the colour wire as per the diagram.

Starting from the headlights I worked my way to the dash and from there to the taillights. It took me at least 5 weekends to complete.
Along the way I incorporated a few relays, in order not to overload certain circuits. Relays for the headlights and driving lights are essential. A relay for the starting circuit across the micro switch in the Quick Silver floor shift , when in park, is a must.

Towards the end I mentioned separating the taillight lead B (Black) from the park light BY and fit B to point R on the switch. This then solved the problem. When the switch is pulled to the first notch, there is power on both P and R. Park and taillights are therefore lit. Pull the switch to second notch will drop the power over P but still maintain power over R. Head and taillights will be on. Park lights off.

There are more mistakes on the wiring diagram. Instrument lamps are not to be connected to D but to I on the switch. I = Instrument and D = Door. Wire GY = door switches and interior lamp, must connect to D1. So, with the door open, the interior light will be on. GY has constant power via the fuse. Door close = light off. Wire BBL = Interior lamp to connect to D2 on the switch. DI and D2 acts as a switch. Pull switch to first or second notch. Then rotate to lit instrument lamps via rheostat to maximum. A distinctive click will be heard at the end of rotation and the interior light will come on. The click therefore closes D1 and D2.

Another mistake is at the dim/bright switch wiring. Wiring from the High beam indicator lamp (GB) must be wired to RB, which is the high beam circuit.
That’s it....sorry for getting carried away.
Switch HL.jpg
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Re: Tailight wiring 72 XY Ranchero

Post by V-Hatchi » Thu 12 Jan 2012, 11:40

Good morning Danie,

You're a star ! Thank you very much for the lekker detailed post. :D

I'm very pleased that you got ''carried away'' as the more information given, the better understanding one has. :D

Did you ever find that you doubted yourself because you weren't coming right, only to find that the diagrams didn't match your vehicle (or were wrong, as you mentioned)?
I've had that a few times ! :cry:

Your thread has clearly illustrated that patience and concentration will 'eventually' bring the desired results. :D

I like that you mentioned the use of relays !
My truck only had one for the horn and one for the starter, and only recently I fitted one for the lights without realising prior to that, that one was needed.

Well done for fixing the problem. :D
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Re: Tailight wiring 72 XY Ranchero

Post by Orange » Thu 15 Nov 2012, 13:22


Will this wiring information apply to the XA Ranchero? I'm trying to connect the tow-bar socket, but the current tail light wiring is not what it should be. Any help?

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