Perana Ranger and Mustang

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Perana Ranger and Mustang

Post by Shaunp » Thu 31 Aug 2017, 19:49

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Re: Perana Ranger and Mustang

Post by ZA Perana » Thu 31 Aug 2017, 20:14

Not sure I am mad about the Rangers but the Mustang seems like decent enough value.
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Re: Perana Ranger and Mustang

Post by motor1 » Sun 03 Sep 2017, 11:46

Weirdly enough, was talking to my cousin on Friday, saying that SA manufacturers had lost their balls, with no more special editions exclusive to SA e.g. 333i, XR8, Peranas, Superboss etc. etc. etc. And not more than four hours later, I see this. Fantastic value compared to Shelby I think, not sure what price Roush goes for???

@ ZAPerana, I quite like the bakkies, not sure why the na V8 is limited though, but man that supercharged one must be fun lol. And that Mustang, wow.
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Re: Perana Ranger and Mustang

Post by IndianaJones » Sun 03 Sep 2017, 12:58

I am very happy that there are performance versions of these vehicles available in the marketplace, and I know with having Mr Price and Mr Lindenberg at the wheel of these products, they must be excellent.

But, I'm having mixed feeling about them using the iconic "Perana" nameplate, on the new vehicles, somehow doesn't feel right to me.
Couldn't the "RTR" (Road to Race) moniker have been enough? Somehow feels like a marketing gimmick, especially since it seems like no Green's are involved, just my personal sentiments which aren't worth much.

Also, the the 3000XL Capri sold for around R3000 in 1970, the Capri Perana V8 for R4450, that is around 50% more then the base vehicle.
If I understand the articles correctly, the base Ranger would sell for R477000, the N/A V8 Ranger Perana for R1 005 000, and the S/C V8 Ranger for R1 275 000. That would be 110% more than the base vehicle for the N/A Ranger, and 167% more for the S/C Ranger.

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