Son, Dont Crash My Perana

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Son, Dont Crash My Perana

Post by PaleMoonLight » Tue 07 Feb 2012, 07:51

"Son, I'm going to let you drive my prized Ford Capri Perana. I worship this car."

"I get it, Dad."

"I'm serious. If I had to make a choice between this car and you, it would take me awhile."

"That's not nice, Dad."

"But it's the truth, son. Now. Prove to me that you and my car can co-exist. Or you'll make the choice that much easier."

"Sure thing, Dad! Thanks! You're the best!"

"Now, be careful of the line as you approach the water ... "

"WHAT? CAN'T HEAR YOU! HEY, THIS CAR IS FAST--" ... r_embedded

Yeah, uh ... whoops. That's George Miedecke driving his father Andrew's ride straight into the Tasmanian drink at the Targa Wrest Point road rally. Andrew's back injury kept him from running the race himself, so he put his car in the hands of his 24-year-old son ... you can see how it turned out. Apparently, he gave George only two instructions: don't crash, and don't come in second. One out of two ain't bad, right? Right ... ?

Thankfully, both George and his fellow driver were just fine after the dunk. Still unknown is George's fate after his father learned of the news.

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Re: Son, Dont Crash My Perana

Post by gordini » Tue 07 Feb 2012, 11:43

Wow that a baddie....glad im not the son.. 8O 8O 8O
In my old age...
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Re: Son, Dont Crash My Perana

Post by HenryGaB » Tue 07 Feb 2012, 12:05

Eina :cry:
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Re: Son, Dont Crash My Perana

Post by j1autotech » Wed 08 Feb 2012, 02:22

G'day guys, long time no post (over a year... have been busy with work)







Sorry Dad

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