Weekend Giggle from the Cape

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Weekend Giggle from the Cape

Post by Punch » Sat 11 Aug 2012, 18:34

Gammat & Abdol were great mates, so when Gammat came to Cape Town on holiday, Abdol was there to meet him on Cape Town Station. After greeting each other, Abdol said "ons gattie n taxi fattie, ons gat summa loep na die Cape Quarter toe ne", "Naai dis fix up" replied Gammat.
So they each picked up a suitcase and started walking, a little way up Strand St, Gammat put his case down and unzipped his fly, "Hey!! wat maak djay nou"? "naai ek wil pee, ek gat summa tien die paal pee", djay kannie teen die paal pee nie! die boere sal djo op sluit, ek sal djou wys vaar djay kan Legal pee. So he picked up his case and they walked further up the road. Abdol stopped and put down his case, pointing up to the building, kerra, kerra can djay sien, daar staan dit...Lab.. bit..tory,
hiessa can djay legal pee. The went inside, Gammat was amazed, "hey! dis n upmarket lab..bit..tory die!! maar vertel vir my, wat is al die botteltjies met die colors water in wat op die flammetjies staan? Naai se Abdol, djay can in enige van daai bottels pee, OK ek gat in die pink bottle pee. While he is relieving himself, there is a Moerse explosion!! Broken glass, pieces of cement, pieces of wood fly everywhere, the room is filled with smoke, you cannot see a thing, silence fills the air. Suddenly a voice calls out, Gammat! Gammat! kom help my soek my baatjie, my wallet is daar in. Gammat stirs and replies, never mind djou blerrie baatjie, kom help my soek my hand, my Pen#s is daar in. Sorry guys :oops: having lived in Cape Town except for 1yr. in the Transvaal :oops: Gauteng, I can relate to it. :) :)

Viper Cape
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Re: Weekend Giggle from the Cape

Post by Viper Cape » Sun 12 Aug 2012, 12:38

Others will eventually understand. Cape culture and humor is very different to the rest of S A. :lol:

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