Rotary engined Motorcycles

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Rotary engined Motorcycles

Post by werner » Sat 01 Aug 2015, 20:49

I found a very interesting "compact" article about the history of rotary engined motorcycles after seeing a photo of a rotary Herculus.

Never knew so many companies tried it. ... ycles.html
800px-Hercules_Wankel_2000_01.jpg (139.28 KiB) Viewed 1282 times

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V8 Paul
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Re: Rotary engined Motorcycles

Post by V8 Paul » Mon 03 Aug 2015, 05:02

Baie interresant. Nooit eers geweet iemand het n Wankel in n tweewiel gesit nie.
Sal nogal sports afgee as hulle dit mooi kan regkry.....

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Re: Rotary engined Motorcycles

Post by Hubcap » Mon 03 Aug 2015, 08:38

There were a few of the Hercules W2000 brought in to SA in the mid 70's. However they were badged/sold locally and in some other countries as DKW. Club Motors (now BMW dealer) in Pretoria were the agents and I was told they brought in 10 in 1975. A few still survive.

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Re: Rotary engined Motorcycles

Post by jmvv » Mon 03 Aug 2015, 15:48

Suzuki also had one in 1974, called the RE5

It displaced about 500 cc and made about 46 Kw.

If I am not mistaken, there might be one in the motorcycle museum in Deneysville.

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Moering Tool
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Re: Rotary engined Motorcycles

Post by Moering Tool » Wed 19 Aug 2015, 18:10

The RE5 had three separate cooling systems and the wiring setup was very complex. And it had that noble-but-misguided sci-fi instrument pod that opened like ouma's pill caddy. Cool bit of history though.

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