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Rust Issues

Posted: Tue 26 Apr 2016, 14:16
by AintSheSweet
Hi All,

I need some information please.

I have a bit of a rust issue in certain areas on my mk5 Cortina XR6. Especially just beneath the front windscreen (Rhs).

I was told that it is because the window rubber was not fitted properly, so the water just sits there and eventually rust is formed.

I am in the process of getting my car resprayed and the rust issues sorted. I have heard many people say that there is a treatment for the rust, but no one can remember what it's called.

Does anyone here know what I can use to "kill" the rust?

Also, can I maybe drill a hole down the fender area to allow the water to pass through and not just collect there?

Any info will be appreciated.


Re: Rust Issues

Posted: Tue 26 Apr 2016, 21:08
by Kermit
The windscreen rubber can only go in one way, so the rust is not due to incorrect fitment. Chances are there was an open seem or even a small bare spot. You will always have water stuck in there. Bare spots form over time as your car flexes and eventually rubs through the paint. Also be very aware of what sealer is used on your car. People tend to use general purpose silicon instead of neutral silicon. DenBraven makes a good one. If your sealer has an acidic or ammonia smell, throw it in the bin. Keep it far away from any metal. What I found over the years to help with rust is windscreen primer that is used to fit modern car screens. I used it frequently for over 14 years. Did my own car a few years ago on a spot that was rusted through. Never had an issue again. Sorry for the long winded post, but I have allot of experience with windscreens and rust.

Re: Rust Issues

Posted: Thu 28 Apr 2016, 07:47
That is a problem from factory.
They all rust on that spot.

Re: Rust Issues

Posted: Thu 28 Apr 2016, 09:16
by AintSheSweet
Thanks Kermit and Rassie.

@ Kermit, the problem is not on the windscreen section. It's a panel just below the windscreen. I will have to cut out the rust and fill it, but what can I fill it with to avoid the rust coming out again?

Re: Rust Issues

Posted: Thu 28 Apr 2016, 16:34
by Johann65
Sand down the rusted area down to the bare metal. Weld the hole closed and clean up. Treat the area with "POLYCELL End Rust" rust converter and primer. Then spray with undercoat and finish off with required spray paint finish. :mrgreen:
PS! treat both sides of the metal 8O 8O

Re: Rust Issues

Posted: Fri 29 Apr 2016, 09:12
by pietpetoors
PS! treat both sides of the metal 8O 8O
Very important, most rust start from the inside, not the outside. If you don't treat the inside the rust will be back in a year or two.

Re: Rust Issues

Posted: Wed 04 May 2016, 15:51
by AintSheSweet
Thanks Gents! Appreciate the advise.

Will give it a try.

Re: Rust Issues

Posted: Wed 04 May 2016, 22:41
by motor1
Agreed with the advice posted already, rust comes from within and almost always what you cannot see is worse than what you can see. We've had a few Cortinas in the family previously, all 3,0 sedans and a 1600 bakkie, all had issues on the same spot. Check the other side as well, it normally occurs both sides, poor design I suppose. Another spot to check is inside the boot also under the back screen, and the corners of the back screen.

Post some pics of the car, still have much love for these Tinas!