Austin A60

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Austin A60

Post by FairmontGT » Wed 07 May 2008, 10:11

Somebody asked me what they should sell their restored Austin A60 1963 for. Does anyone have a clue? I have never looked at cars like those.
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Killarney Racer
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Re: Austin A60

Post by Killarney Racer » Wed 07 May 2008, 10:21

Actually the A55 and A60 were quite nice cars in my opinion. Maybe a bit granny-ish like many BMC products were but i find there is some appeal in this car.
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Fairlane 500
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Re: Austin A60

Post by Fairlane 500 » Wed 07 May 2008, 23:56

Surely if the car is in very good nick it should fetch about R20000 to R25000. If it's like that, it has become a collectors item and therefore must be sought after. The problem is parts. Are the readily available?

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