Fiat OTS

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Fiat OTS

Post by ZA Perana » Fri 27 Jun 2008, 19:43

In the annals of SA motor sport and car history there are many car that have been largely forgotten, sure legendary road cars like the Renault R8 and Ford Anglia are still well remembered but how many people remember the Fiat 124 OTS.

Yes the 124 wasn’t the best looking car, it probably didn’t look good back and it certainly doesn’t look good now but as Enzo Ferrari once said “I don’t care what it looks like so long as its fast’

What exactly was the Fiat 124 OTS, well ironically the creators of the OTS were the same chaps that developed the Alconi Renualts. The project really had its beginning with the earlier Fiat 1500 OTS, Cartoria Motor Industries, a Fiat dealer in Pretoria decided that the 1500 needed more performance so they approached Alconi Developments and asked them to effect the necessary modifications. The 1500 OTS was fairly successful but when the new 124 came along in 1967 it was decided that this too should get the OTS treatment.

The conversion that consisted of raised compression ratio and an A&C camshaft and modified Weber 32 DCOF could be fitted to either a new or used car and could be carried out either by Cartoria or Alconi. Other options available included lowered suspension and a wider set of wheels, though these were not included in the conversion charge of R230.

On paper the kit offered 10 bhp more over the standard car but this must have been conservative because the 0-60 mph time tumbles from 14.9 seconds to 11.9 seconds, quite an improvement. Top speed increased to an almost Cortina GT equaling 94 mph….it should be remembered the car had a little 1200 engine which makes these figures even more remarkable.

Yes this was a forgotten giant killer a car that could on its day more than keep peace with the more common Renault R8’s
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Re: Fiat OTS

Post by 302 » Fri 27 Jun 2008, 20:16

Back in the day, my dad was sponsored by Cartoria to race one of these ... (when I was but a nipper) must try and scan a photo to post...
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Re: Fiat OTS

Post by Scorpionman » Wed 03 Jun 2015, 18:15

Please post some pics. Would love to see more. Did your dad have 124 OTS or a 125 Scorpion?
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Re: Fiat OTS

Post by sidedraught » Thu 04 Jun 2015, 08:57

FIAT 125 Scorpion was a very fast car back in the day. 128hp 1600 DOHC running twin sidedraughts, 0-100 in 9 seconds.

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