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Re: VIN Number

Post by Gavin RS » Mon 19 Nov 2007, 11:39

I had a look at this car at the last piston ring show.It is definately not a genuine Perana and it has been in a smash sometime in its life.I did comment on the motor being from a Granada.

I agree with everyone saying , yes do it up or reshell the car but do tell people that it is a replica of a Perana, nothing wrong in that. At least you can build yourself a very nice Capri with a V8 in it that you can be proud to drive.
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Re: VIN Number

Post by Perana » Mon 03 Dec 2007, 13:38


Could it not be a Capri Perana engine with the sump changed to a back drop sump???? 8O

Many Capri Perana owners converted to this setup after experiencing difficulty with LHD rack which is not readily available in SA.

Both my Perana's are fitted with the correct LHD racks etc, but you have guys like AJ who have converted. The brakingis better coz your caliphers are now at the back and anyone who has driven an original Perana will know the story about turning in a specific direction....

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Re: VIN Number

Post by zahistorics » Mon 03 Dec 2007, 14:26


With this car from looking at pics Shailen has sent to me I think it is very, very unlikely that it was ever a Perana. I can't see any Perana specefic details.

As for reversing the rack - I havn't seen all of the Peranas in the world, but of the ones I have seen pictures of, I have never seen a genuine car converted back to a front rack. It's a mission to do. Think through all of the things you have to change.

On the other hand, compared to that the majority of the things that wear in a rack are interchangable with a RHD rack, and simple to fix.

Braking on a disc is exacly the same regardless of where the caliper is or which direction it is turning. Think about it, compare left to right. Same caliper, same pads, same disc on both sides, opposite rotation. If rotational direction could have some magical effect, every disc braked vehicle would pull to one side or the other when you tried to stop it.

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Re: VIN Number

Post by Perana » Mon 03 Dec 2007, 14:40

Hi John,

Not much to change really. Just the rack, crossmember and sump. Use a rhd rack and a v6 crossmember.

AJ also uses this setup so does a BG025# car that I know off. With the caliphers now in the same position as the 1600 and v6 Capri, you find that the brakes do not heat up.

Firenza GT

Re: VIN Number

Post by Firenza GT » Mon 03 Dec 2007, 14:45

The caliper thing was discussed many years ago in a bike magazine. Where it was noted that early Suzuki's for example that just came out with front discs, they were first mounted ahead of the front forks. Then a few years later behind the forks with a whole technical explaination oin the brochure etc. Then we noted race bikes which were normally the test bench for road bikes mounted ahead of the forks again. Probably the cooling benifits on the bike of the caliper unobstructed by the fork legs. The difference in braking on two similar weight bikes I have a 1873 GT750 and a 1980 GS1000S with calipers either side, one bike has ahead of fork, other behind, as a raod rider I can't feel the difference. I imagine the difference may only be felt in extreme conditions beyond what we use them for. That's just a bike comparison which may not apply to a car, I don't know.

The rack thing I'd imagine as John says the actual critical components should be interchangable.

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Re: VIN Number

Post by pieter834 » Sat 30 Aug 2014, 06:48

hi there

where can I find the vin number on a ford fairlane 1976 . where is it situated and did they stamp it on the body

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Re: VIN Number

Post by FairmontGT » Fri 03 Oct 2014, 11:28

Pieter there is a tag on the radiator front, and there is a number stamped on the shock tower on the passenger side. The number stamped on the passenger side shock tower must match the plate. Then the vin tends to be a combination of anything on the plate, either the sido or serial number or both. It depends on who registered it.

The guy at our police clearance place says the true correct vin is the date code letters plus the serial number on the plate. Serial number on the plate is same as shock tower number. But I have seen anything from the plate on the papers of cars I have owned and its accepted as such by the authorities if somewhere it contains the serial number.
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