Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Any questions or suggestions regarding restorations
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Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by RangerReg » Wed 09 Dec 2015, 13:42

Sad News: My husband, the longtime car enthusiast just passed away yesterday in an accident.

Life is upside-down for me at the moment, but I draw comfort from the good memories of my husband working on the latest auto-project. A calming reminder of a time when most problems could be fixed with a socket wrench!

The only project my husband left behind was his 1970's Ranger. It is in excellent, running condition, but he had just removed all of the seats to install some carpeting before the accident.

I would love to feature this car at his funeral, because restoration was a big part of my husband's life.

If any of you have an expertise in restoring RangerReg's vehicle, (specifically, the re-installation of the seats!) I would greatly appreciate it. The car is located in the Wellington Area (near Paarl), and I would be willing to reimburse you for your time.

Please contact me at

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Re: Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by motor1 » Wed 09 Dec 2015, 13:58

So sorry to hear! Condolences and strength to you and the family. Wish I could help, but my skills are lacking, hopefully someone on here can assist.
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Re: Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by ters » Wed 09 Dec 2015, 15:29

Most sincere condolences to you and your family.... sad loss of a true enthusiast. RIP brother Reg.


Any member willing and able to assist, please make contact?
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Re: Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by Can-Am ZN » Wed 09 Dec 2015, 16:34

I am shocked and very sad to hear this tragic news!

Reg was one of the more regular posters on this forum, who was so determined and motivated to get his Ranger completed. It was always interesting to follow the updates of his progress with the car.

I wish I was closer so that I could assist with your request, Madame, but am sure that other members from this amazing forum will step up to the plate to help you out.

My sincere condolences to go out to his family during this difficult time :cry:

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Re: Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by Rowan » Wed 09 Dec 2015, 16:44

RIP Ranger Reg :( , My condolences to you and the family. I hope somebody closer to your area can help out.
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Re: Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by Burnthosetyres » Wed 09 Dec 2015, 17:34

Dear Nancy

Very sad news about Reg, our condolences. Sadly I'm to far to assist but sincerely hope someone does.

Would be special for his car to be part of the ceremony.

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Re: Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by FPT » Wed 09 Dec 2015, 17:38

Wow 8O 8O

What sad news!

Come Cape town members, fitting those seats is a 20 min job. We owe it to a fellow member. :cry: :( :(

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Re: Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by Johann72 » Wed 09 Dec 2015, 20:01

Sincere regrets! This is really a tragic occurrence! Reg was really a great forum member and a true participant and a real gentleman!! :cry:
The good guys are always taken away at the worst time!!! We will miss him and his true forum membership!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
God must have needed him badly!!! :roll: :roll:
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Re: Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by Ranger1 » Wed 09 Dec 2015, 22:53

My sincere condolences.
Reg was supposed to meet with me yesterday after his meetings, but I was caught up with a job and wasn't able to get in touch with him. I've only dealt with him via electronic media but he was always friendly and eager to be of assistance. He will be missed on the forum.


Ps.Nancy I've sent a mail.

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Re: Help bring the Ranger to the funeral

Post by kavesh » Thu 10 Dec 2015, 06:52

This is such sad news. My deepest sympathies to his family.

I wish I was close to assist.

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