1974 Ford Ranchero

Any questions or suggestions regarding restorations
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1974 Ford Ranchero

Post by Andre1 » Sat 30 Jan 2016, 17:07

Hi All
Please don't laugh : : 8O
I bought a 1974 Ford Ranchero with 351 Cleveland as father and son project, as i travel a lot for business and it help with bonding as we are both car lovers.
The vehicle was purchased in Rustenburg with me living in Cape Town, and i therefore made the mistake of asking a friend to view the vehicle.
The seller advertised on Gumtree that vehicle is de-registered but he does have all original papers.
My friend confirmed everything was in order, and i had vehicle shipped to Cape Town.
As normal the vehicle did not look any ware as good as the pic, First Lesson :twisted:
I started stripping but decided to 1st go for police clearance. 2nd Lesson THE START OF MY NIGHTMARE!
The engine number correspond with the papers, the VIN plate is in wrong position and does not correspond to the papers.
Clearance dept wants to impound, previous owners running for the hills.
I had registration checked on the system through a friend, and there is no theft fines etc outstanding.
I even tried an alternative clearance dept. with my affidavit as well as previous owners affidavit and nobody can or wants to help in any manner!
Can anybody please help with the way forwards!!

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Re: 1974 Ford Ranchero

Post by ters » Sat 30 Jan 2016, 17:59

Welcome Andre!

Not a good situation you're in.... I have sent you a private message with contact details of someone that might be able to assist...

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Re: 1974 Ford Ranchero

Post by BURT » Sat 30 Jan 2016, 18:08

Hi Andre

Sent you a PM

Cheers Burt

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Re: 1974 Ford Ranchero

Post by goddard » Mon 14 May 2018, 17:52

Did this Ranchero ever get sorted with registration?

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