1969 Chevy C10

Any questions or suggestions regarding restorations
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Re: 1969 Chevy C10

Post by Picard » Mon 04 Dec 2017, 10:48

Thanks guys.

We've done a bit of homework on the LM7 and they are very good motors. Many guys fit them to trucks.

It is for sale. We won't be using it. I just haven't had a gap yet to officially put it up for sale but will do so soon. If you're interested, drop me a pm?

We've built 2x F100's last year. The Green one is used often and runs beautifully with a 302.
The "Patina" truck is now officially out of the shop and getting test runs. It too has had every nut and bolt underneath fitted new. New I beams were made up for it to lower it down as well as some chassis work in the rear to give it a great stance. It runs a 351ci motor.

The white Buick is a 1965 Riviera. We've had this one for a few years and it's a nice cruiser. Currently sorting out a gearbox issue on it.

When we have time off on the C10 we're busy assembling the blue 1966 Wildcat. It's a giant puzzle, but slowly we'll work our way through it.
This one will run a 455ci Buick motor.

My friend with the "Patina" F100 will be building the orange Wildcat.
This one may receive a heart transplant from a 6.0ls.

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Re: 1969 Chevy C10

Post by ChevyFan » Tue 22 Oct 2019, 13:44

Good day Picard
I see its been some time since your last post. How is the project getting on?
I,m thinking of starting one of my own. ;)

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Re: 1969 Chevy C10

Post by shoedoos » Tue 22 Oct 2019, 23:12

love the buicks.....and the pickup is cool too....

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