Restomod or Original Restore

Any questions or suggestions regarding restorations
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Restomod or Original Restore

Post by -cK- » Wed 28 Aug 2019, 23:12

Okay I've got a question.

I'm considering to have an electric fan conversion done to my Granada MK1? Any pros or cons to doing this?

The car have always had a bit of an issue not wanting to sit at ideal to long after it has been driven as it will start to build up heat pretty fast. Therefore I avoid stop and go traffic like the plague (not really an issue for the town I live in but I will not dare to drive this car in city traffic at present).

I have checked that the thermostat is working also the fan is locked so it is always engaged but limited to the engine RPM. I did previously flush the cooling system but still had this issue.

The only things that changed since then was that I have replaced the intake manifold gasket that leaked oil and did clean out the water pump while I was at it (haven't tested to see if that made any difference seeing that I'm only getting the powersteering rack back next week to be able to actually drive the car again to see what is what right now). I'm considering having the rad re-cored just to be safe.

Other than that I'm considering the conversion but just wondering if that will have any unforeseen negative impacts. I'm trying to stick to as close to original as possible but think on some things function over form might be the better way to go so I might end up with more of a restomod than original restore.

It's not like I'm planning to enter any car shows or anything, I just want to get the car back to its prime state and be able to enjoy driving the car and not worry about things going poof 😅.
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Re: Restomod or Original Restore

Post by Jason » Thu 29 Aug 2019, 21:51


Keep the body and interior stock, restoration, but upgrade the engine and drivetrain for better performance and safety. That only make the car more enjoyable.

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Re: Restomod or Original Restore

Post by jlebenon » Fri 30 Aug 2019, 19:35

Electric fan will help for sure and can be removed easily with out issue if need be
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