Ford 20M RS

Pictures of your muscle car!
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Re: Ford 20M RS

Post by Ale06 » Thu 18 Mar 2010, 01:29

I love the Rainbow Taunus. So rare to see. Im amazed with this 20M RS!!
Congratulations and good luck with it.
Have you more pictures of other RS in South Africa? Others Taunus will be welcome.
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Re: Ford 20M RS

Post by andries » Sun 29 Oct 2017, 11:00

Hi morning Druss tell me i am also building a RS who far are you with your project and do you have any photos of the car and the other thing do you have spares I got hold of a guy who is going to make some parts like center console clove box inner and bonnet scoops from fiberglass as you dont get them any more like to here from you if yo like you can whatts app me 0729761690 thanx my friend

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Re: Ford 20M RS

Post by escort mk1 » Mon 27 Nov 2017, 05:28

Any one have a spare sump , pickup and timing cover with dipstick for a 20m v6 for me?

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