Pictures of your muscle car!
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Re: Fairlanes

Post by TdL351GT » Mon 05 May 2008, 21:55

Hi-Fi wrote:Hi Theuns

You are a lucky guy! We have a Fairlane just like your '63 that races in the classic cars at Killarney
This one...

Lovely car! I try not to miss the Feb Classics at Killarney.
Killarney 07 040.jpg
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Re: Fairlanes

Post by RASSIE » Mon 05 May 2008, 22:40

Hi I got a 260 motor and some new waterpumps. Cheers Rassie.
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Re: Fairlanes

Post by Hi-Fi » Mon 05 May 2008, 22:46

But you know something Theuns? I prefer your car in the standard condition any day!

I really could use a car like that.

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Re: Fairlanes

Post by FairmontGT » Tue 06 May 2008, 08:30

Awesome Theuns, I cant wait to come and have a look! A lot better than those zehpyrs or zodiacs you had.
Yes we did build muscle cars in RSA!!!!

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Re: Fairlanes

Post by henryk » Tue 06 May 2008, 08:59

Hi Theuns

Love that 65 Sport.

Except for the Fairmont GT this was probably the only 4 on the floor V8 produced by Ford S A .

Lovely car.

I'm jealous.

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Re: Fairlanes

Post by Fairlane 500 » Wed 07 May 2008, 00:32

I love the interior decor of those cars. It fits the period perfectly. I hope you will keep it that way.

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Re: Fairlanes

Post by ZA Perana » Sat 10 May 2008, 17:46

All look great the blue round light one is one of favorite Fairlane shapes...my dad calls them the "small body" Fairlanes.

Excuse my ignorace but in what way does the Borg Warner 4 speed differ from the toploader? I have a whole set of tags codes it seems that Fairlanes were indeed fitted with Toploaders, some of them.
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Re: Fairlanes

Post by V8GFISH » Tue 13 May 2008, 20:20

Your a bloody legend Theuns!! :lol:

How big is your garage?!! 8O
Cheers, Daz
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Re: Fairlanes

Post by zahistorics » Wed 14 May 2008, 07:01

Went for a visit in January. It is biiiiiig! :)

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